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10448 Holly Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91701
United States

Thank You

Thank You

Mom & Dad: Thank you for your endless support. Whether I am moving 3,000 miles away, back into your house, taking a new opportunity, or taking a plunge, you never cease to believe in my abilities. Your belief in me is the reason I believe in myself. 

My Little Bros: Your love is important to me. Don’t ever think that it doesn’t keep me motivated. I love you both very much. 

Al & Lo: Even when you don’t understand me, you love me. When something good happens, you share my joy. When something bad happens, you let me cry and act like you didn’t see it. People spend their whole lives wishing they had at least one friendship like this – I was blessed with two. You are my person(s)- Grey, Yang, & Karev. TriO Forever.   

Rick: (10,000 beautiful words here). You understand me. It is a blessing to never have to explain myself. It is an even bigger blessing to be able to share ideas with someone who can understand them when I’m trying to build something with parts that don’t even exist yet. Little snake. 

TG: Always in my corner and I can never thank you enough for that faith and support. When everyone sucks a lot you’re still the same good heart and that is appreciated. You are the big brother I never had. 

Matty & Ziggy: Thank you guys for seeing my vision and bringing it to life. What everyone sees is because of you. The feedback, the support, the results – cannot thank you guys enough. 

Gianna: Without you there’d be no store (literally). My clusters of emails, my updates, my change of mind (a few times), my questions – I couldn’t ask for a better person to work with my brain. Thank you for everything. 

You’re all a blessing and I am thankful for you.