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10448 Holly Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91701
United States





EXHIBIT: 0003- BEST COAST, BEAST COAST was another collaborative project with long-time friend and graphic designer, Bobby Gonzales. After discussing the idea behind naming Bushwick., Bobby created a design that married the East and West Coast influences. Flipping the Brooklyn Dodgers logo only seemed natural. This collection was created for men with the intention of saying "Thank You" to all the male support received by female owner, Jaymie Leslie. Had it not been for the platforms provided for her by "big brothers" throughout her career, Bushwick. would not exist. 

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EXHIBIT: 0002 -  LADY PARTS was a collaborative project with friend, Monique Perez that was designed with the strength of women in mind. LADY PARTS aimed to encourage audiences to consider the ways women are objectified and view them in a more spiritual and courageous light. Being a woman is an experience made glorious by the ability to bend but never break, carry the burdens of our loved ones in our hearts and minds while still being present, and give life and love emotionally and physically. 

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EXHIBIT: 0001 - YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE was Bushwick.'s initial exhibit, a unisex collection made up of 37 one-of-one pieces of repurposed vintage apparel and three one-of-five hat designs. YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE encouraged wearers to think outside of trends and recognize fashion as Art. Purchasers of the pieces not only received a unique product, but also got the opportunity to becoming a walking piece of original Art.